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Posted Thursday 11th October 2018

If you plan to sell your home it’s a good idea to arrange a few valuations so you achieve real understanding of the true market value of the property. House valuations are also known as market appraisals and are provided by estate agents with a good knowledge of the local housing market. You can base the price at which you market your home on the property valuations received.

Before arranging your house valuation

Before you instruct an estate agent to carry out a valuation of your home, you can carry out some research into local property prices yourself. There are a number of online sites that can be used to provide good indications of current market values for properties in different UK localities, such as Zoopla or RightMove. These sites will give you an idea of sale prices for homes in your area, and the actual prices local homes have been sold for.

Ways home valuations are worked out

House valuations are usually free of charge. When you use email4property you can take advantage of 3 free home valuations so you can be assured of putting your home on the market at the best price. Estate agents use all their knowledge of the local property market to come up with a realistic valuation.

When valuing a property, an estate agent will base the valuation on considerations such as market demand, the size and type of home, fixtures and features, and its current state of repair. The locality and typical amenities and the reputation of nearby schools may also be important features affecting the valuation of your home. Properties in areas where demand is high can usually achieve higher sale prices.

It is important to bear in mind that a house valuation is based on an estate agent’s knowledge, and may not be the price you actually achieve when your home is sold.