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Posted Wednesday 10th October 2018

If you’re thinking of moving, a great home valuation is essential, you’ll be wondering how to prepare your home for valuation day.

Whether you’re choosing an online agent or heading to the high street, our top tips will help you get the best possible valuation.

1. Declutter

You want your house to look its best, and all that clutter isn’t helping it to shine. The simplest way to declutter is to tackle one room at a time. Have three boxes marked sell/donate/keep and be ruthless.

2. Clean up

You may be used to all those dusty corners, but they’re sure to catch your buyer’s eye. If your home sparkles, it’ll stand out for all the right reasons.

3. Remember the outside

It’s easy to focus on the inside, but remember the exterior is the first thing buyers will see. Neat paintwork and a tidy garden mean your home looks well cared for, and a well cared for home attracts the best possible value.

4. Prepare yourself

Think about what you need to know from the valuation. Ask about fees and the different marketing packages that are available. Online sites such as can offer up to three free home valuations. Having all your questions written down will help you get the most from the valuation visit.

5. Do some market research

Check out websites to get an idea of property values in your area, it’ll give you a head’s up when working with your valuer.

6. Think about what makes your home stand out

The valuation visit is your chance to point out what makes your home different from the rest, so mention any recent work you’ve done, or the sun-trap patio that you love. The valuer will know what he’s looking for, but you know the things that make your house a home.

We hope this helps you get started. Just a little preparation will go a long way to helping you get the best possible valuation.

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